(HAAN RELIEF) is a nonprofit organization based in Minnesota. Established in 2009, the purpose of the organization is to build, secure, peaceful and sustainable communities in the Horn of Africa region by providing essential social service programs.


To promote and contribute to the basic human rights necessities such as water, education, and health.


To that end, the organization seeks to provide clean water & sanitation, education, health care and relief assistance to the people and communities living in the Horn of Africa in general and Somalia in particular with emphasis on connecting the large American Networking Institutions and Organization with aim of them playing a leadership role in achieving the organizational goals. HAAN Relief seeks to engender hope and confidence of those marginalized and living in out of reach rural areas through the provision of clean water, education assistance, and health care training.

HAAN RELIEF & DEVELOPMENT pursues its mission in five main projects:

  1. Clean Water and Sanitation projects
  2. Education projects
  3. Health projects
  4. Orphanage projects
  5. Community Engagement projects


Primary Areas of Focus

The primary areas of focus for HAAN are essential social services and basic infrastructure development, especially in the provision of clean water, sanitation, education and healthcare. HAAN will implement its initial programs in State Minnesota of USA and in Puntland state of Somalia.

Background on the regions

The rural communities of Puntland have been neglected and marginalized for a long time. To compound matters Somalia has had no central government for nearly two decades. Puntland State of Somalia is a peaceful autonomous state which has had free elections and smooth transfer of power since its inception; it envisions being a part of a future Federal Republic of Somalia.