Clean Water & Sanitation


“Water and Sanitation is one of the primary drivers of public health.”~ Dr LEE Jong-wook, Director-General, World Health Organization

Providing clean, fresh water to people who have never had it before can not only save lives but it can literally change an entire communities. For more information Click the here


Commemorating World water day 2010– Clean Water Awareness pictures:

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Commemorating 2011 World Water Day – Clean Water & Sanitation Awareness pictures

HAAN Relief Commemorates World Water Day 2010

The aim of the project is to create awareness as well as mark this important date on the calendar.

The display centered on pictures taken by HAAN member Yassin A. Bihi, on his recent working visit to Somalia in late 2009.
The images capture the dire situation of the rural community as a whole and the lack of clean water available to the Nomadic population and their live stock.
“It was a wonderful display, I was left deeply touched by the severity of the problem facing these poor Nomads” exclaimed local community leader Idriss Hassan.
“Without water there is no life” chanted, Abdinassir a Somali elder.
The unexpected high turnout left the organizers speechless. More than a hundred individuals, young and old crammed the small display venue; they soberly observed the photographs and participated in the small discussion, sharing their ideas as to the best way to provide clean water to the people of the aforementioned regions.
The one day event was completed as planned. Most of those in attendance voiced their support for the project. In a time when it seems the world has largely forgotten Somalia, its good to see such a project, which aims to support the most vulnerable stated Asha Ahmed, a community organizer who attended the event.
This was the first year that HAAN commemorated, World Water Day. “Looking at these pictures, I am reminded of the fierce urgency of now, providing clean water to these communities is a matter of life and death and it can not wait” Were the closing remarks of Ahmed Hersi

HAAN Relief  drilled a well for Clean Water in 2011. Many thanks for the Community for realizing this dream of Godad clean water initiative Godad, Puntland, Somalia.